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At Warrington Plumbing, we want our clients to be completely satisfied with our services. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our plumbing services including water heater repair and installations. When you need a plumbing service such as general plumbing installation, drain cleaning, water heater repairs or an installation of a brand new water heater, you can count on our experienced staff to get the job done the right way. We are fully licensed, insured and certified to work on your plumbing system. Since 1967, we have professionally helped homeowners maintain the plumbing systems in their homes.


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We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction when it comes to water heater service, repair and installation.


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Water Heater Installation Southampton PA FAQ's


Problems with water heaters usually come from left field and homeowners are taken by surprise.  There are many reasons why a water heater can stop working.  Homeowners typically ask these questions about potential water heater problems.


Water Heater Installation Southampton PA - How do I detect a water heater problem?

The most common sign that you have a problem with your water heater is when hot water will not come out of the faucets.  When this happens, water heater repair services are usually the answer. Whether you see water leaking from the base of the tank or not, it’s best to call for help so you can get the problem fixed without having to replace the whole tank. Its better to call experts right away rather than wait.  A small issue can turn into a huge problem if neglected!


Water Heater Installation in Southampton PA - Why Did My Water Heater Break?

A leak in the tank can cause the hot water to disappear, but more often than not, the problem is in the thermostat. Water heater thermostats have complex wiring and must be programmed correctly for your water to be the temperature you like. Whether the wiring needs fixing or the thermostat just needs to be reset, a professional plumber with water heater experience is needed to take care of the situation.


Can I Install It Myself?

When the time comes to have a new water heater installed, many homeowners want to try the DIY route. With modern water heaters being more intricate and energy efficient, it usually makes sense to leave this task to professionals. Water heater installation involves the plumbing system, the electrical system, building codes, bylaws and manufacturer’s warranties. In order to keep all of these elements working together and to ensure future problems are kept to a minimum, professional installation is the way to go.

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Repairing water heaters is a common job for most plumbers. Typically, homeowners cannot go very long without hot water, therefore water heater repair and replacement is an emergency type service. After replacing a water heater, a homeowner can expect about 10 years from the unit. However, from time to time things can happen to the unit along the way.  We specialize in routine maintenance, repair and replacement of your water heater.  As homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of having hot water. Therefore we take our water heater repair very seriously.  Call us with any of your water heater problems.  We have been serving the local area over 5 decades!


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If you need professional water heater installation or replacement, you have come to the right place. You may be looking at options in tankless systems for additional access to quick and efficient hot water at a separate location from the rest of the home like a garage apartment, guest house, or for outdoor use. From electric water heaters,and gas water heaters to tankless water heaters, our experts have the ability and skill to provide you with any type of water heater service that you may require. We know how to help you select and install just the right unit for your home.


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